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We have been looking at ways to bring a new look and feel to the site and have gone with some input from Social Step to make everything more interactive and shareable! Not only that but we have also teamed up with a new Central Coast website that will be covering lots of travel and local issues, while we do what we do best here – travel as well as house and garden! I have been running Escape Sydney for some time now and one thing that strikes me is your love of pictures!

So knowing that you don’t like too much writing, and more piccies, I will be adding lots of awesome pics that you can share on your Facebook DIRECTLY from the page. We also encourage you to like our Facebook page which already has a big following:

As I said we are also working as part of Social Step – a great content creation and social media management business that I am a part of. So please remember to like their page, as they have some awesome stuff to share on there too:

Here are some of their awesome posts I will leave you with today, but I will be back soon to post some more awesome stuff on Escape Sydney!


You should say what YOU want to say!

Thanks for all your patience as we transition into our new format! I hope to have a lot more interesting blog posts for all of you shortly!