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I haven’t had the time lately to be posting on my travel blog here because I am planning a big clean out of Escape Sydney! We have a lot of guest posts and even my own posts that are either irrelevent now or just not up to standard. My most recent posts show the direction I want the blog to go in – more images! I know people love pictures because I love them too and as a photographer and artist I always have plenty of images to share.

So in the near future I will be sharing some more travel photos and stories as well as some photography. I have been so busy working on some new websites that I hope you can all forgive me for my laziness!

Coming Soon!

I have just gotten back from a short trip to the Hunter Valley in NSW Australia so stay tuned for some writing and piccies from that trip. Obviously this will involve wine, cheese and olives 😛

I am also putting into motion a new Central Coast website that has for the time being been used to post a short poetry and art series. It will be made for both Central Coast based businesses as well as a guide for locals and visitors. I will be putting my writing and photography skills to good use and hopefully starting with all the local attractions, beaches and even eateries. If you are a Central Coast based business then please get in touch to be listed in advance on the site.

Thank you all for sticking with the website, I will be cleaning it out shortly and blogging more regularly again. Take care and happy traveling!