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Batu Caves - Malaysia

We were fortunate enough to have my wife’s family take us to Batu Caves just outside of Kuala Lumpur on my first visit to her home country. Obviously, as a foreigner I took an obsessive amount of photos of the mischievous monkeys who were intent to steal whatever they could from unwary travellers going up the stairs to the beautiful temple areas within the caves.

Halong Bay Vietnam

Halong Bay in Vietnam is a great place for a unique holiday. You can book yourself on to one of the many little boats that come complete with cabins, bathroom and everything else you need. They’re like your own little private cruise ship.

Queenstown New Zealand

We were so lucky to spend our honeymoon in New Zealand, and we loved the end of our trip that we spent hanging out in the extremely chilled out Queenstown. We’ll be back there soon we hope!


Jenolan Caves NSW Australia

This is actually one of the most popular tourist attractions in NSW, and since it’s relatively close to Sydney, it’s the perfect escape. While the historic hotel beyond the caves has seen better days, it’s well worth the stay for it’s original charm.


Protestant Cemetary Penang Malaysia

While a graveyard isn’t a usual tourist destination, George Town in Penang, Malaysia has a lot of history. Not least of all this amazing Protestant Cemetery. It dates back to when George Town (and Penang Island itself) were essentially controlled and run by the British. Lots of East India Company connections here, and a stone commemorating one of the administrators of British Bombay (now Mumbai).


The Old French Quarter in Hanoi

Dominated by stunning examples of French colonial architecture, the old French Quarter of Hanoi points back to the rich history of modern Vietnam. The French were famously defeated by the local Vietnamese forces and forced to abandon the colonised Indo-China in the decades preceding the Vietnam war (or the “American War” as it’s known in Vietnam).


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go wherever your feet take you